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13th January, 2013 – NDHF / U Boat Delivery Update



Whilst we tried very hard to get these two projects delivered before Christmas both subsequently arrived after Christmas due to freight congestion both with the airlines and transport out of Sydney. We were able to send out all paid U Boat orders and all but 15 NDHF orders by Friday 4th January 2013.

There have been a number of issues with both projects


There is no doubt this is once again a first class model particularly with the upgraded lighting. Notwithstanding this, the issues with the U Boats are as follows:

  1. There were no spare parts in the boxes – We have asked for a number of parts to be sent to us & these will be available on request
  2. Set UB40109 – these cars should have Beclawat windows & “Blue/Yellow L7 with ”City Rail” decoration. The 4th car in the box has been supplied with original windows & red/orange L7 decoration – we have asked for replacement bodies & customers who have received this set will be advised when to return the car for change over.
  3. Although technically not incorrect the  two car non powered sets have notbeen supplied as we ordered them
    1. Set UB40119 has been supplied with large pantographs when they were ordered with small pantographs
    2. Set UB40120 has been supplied with small pantographs when they were ordered with large pantographs
    3.   We have ordered replacement pantographs which we will supplier to customers to change over at their discretion.

As another issue there is no manual in the box. We simply ran out of time to complete an updated version before shipping. This is still to be finalised but adjustments basically relate to taking the model apart – care to be taken with the fibre optics in the roof and decoder recommendations. We will post this as soon as possible. Please contact us between 9am & 5pm if you need some help or advice in this regard.

Southern Rail apologies for any inconvenience these issues may cause customers

NDHF Concrete Sleeper Wagons

Again we were quite pleased with the model in general and as usual a random sample check was carried out on the arriving stock. The fact that they had been supplied without couplers went unnoticed by us and obviously by the manufacturing company. AS advertised & as used on all Sothern Rail products ( except the Xplorers/ Endeavours & Vlocities ) Southern Rail uses only genuine Kadee couplers believing that no Chinese Company can make a coupler as good as the original. These off course are ordered 3 – 4 months in advance of the production date and used on all the samples we have received. So how did they not fit them – we have no idea. Someone just dropped the ball.

We were surprised to find when discussing the issue with the supplier that the main sea shipment had also not been despatched. This was somewhat disappointing as we were expecting them on the 5th January so that we could complete the distribution of outstanding orders.  The couplers have subsequently been found.

This disappointment was offset by the fact that the Supplier was then able to retrofit couplers to the sea shipment & these should be sent out either Monday or Tuesday of this coming week.

In the meantime they have forwarded to us sufficient couplers to rectify those orders already sent out. These arrived on Friday afternoon and we will start posting these to our clients tomorrow.

Two other issues arising:

A number of customers have complained that the hand brakes have fallen off. I have followed the debate on one of the forums as to how much detail we should have on a model with interest. All manufacturers have strived to lift the level of detail over recent years and a lot of it is delicate and subject to the slightest mishap. I am afraid that my exhibition boxes of rolling stock are littered with small parts & brake handles in particular falling off. Sorry, this just seems to be the way it is now but again I have requested some extra parts including brake handles & these will be available to any one that asks no charge.

The second issue raised regarded fitting Kadee 5 couplers to the model & whilst we have not had an issue with the samples the matter was referred back to the company to check & advise whilst retro fitting. The supplier has replied “We put couplers on the model and test on the track, it’s running well, but the coupler is a little down, we could only fix it on the tooling for next batch. Just like your customer said in earlier email, it could run well on the track, but if the height could be improved, it could be better.” So there you have it, the couplers might need some adjustment. Again Southern Rail apologies for the apparent error & inconvenience to make the correction.


The NTAF Tulloch Rail Tank Wagons have sold very well. We expect to be sold out of set NTAF2 ( Golden Fleece yellow, COR & Ampol twin logo)  by the end of the week after meeting repeat orders to hand. Low in stock are sets NTAF3 & single cars NTAF4 Golden Fleece Silver, & NTAF1 – CSR. The remainder should hold for a couple of months only.


We have had reports that some wagons have also been received without couplers. We have no explanation for this as all stock on hand have been checked & found OK

If you have received a set or single wagon without couplers please contact us directly & some will be posted to you.



Decoration files are about 70% complete on the Clyde & Tulloch VICTORIAN BP rail tank cars. At the moment we are just trying to verify information on tank cars 401 – 411, the single & two dome Clyde built wagons. These were built by Clyde for COR in 1954 prior to BP taking COR over. Their original classification was “OT 401 – 411’.We have not been able to find any original photographs in the COR paint scheme but believe they are pretty much the same as NSW COR wagons. If anyone can help with photographs of these wagons between 1954 & 1961 it would be greatly appreciated and rewarded.


If nothing turns up we will base the COR versions on other VIC wagons of the era & NSW wagons of the time.

In the meantime – a reminder of our premium retail dealers including “End Of The Line Hobby’s” – Victor Harbour

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Look for another post in the next few days. In the mean time

Happy New Year