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16th July, 2014 – Southern Spirit Club Car


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Southern Rail Models is proud to introduce a unique club to our customers, supporters and the model train enthusiast.

Note so long ago, Southern Rail had a promotion on our web site with a special price on a couple of Xplorer/Endeavour models. The offer was exclusive to direct customers only. One person wanted to order a couple of models at the promo price but reluctantly I had to turn him down as he had not previously purchased any models directly.

 His argument was that he was a customer because he had purchased a model from Southern Rail at an exhibition. Unfortunately, we had no way of verifying this as we do not keep individual details of each purchase at exhibitions. As a result – no sale for Southern Rail & no goodies for the intended purchaser.

Since then, Southern Rail management has given a great deal of thought as to how we might be able to reward our loyal customers in the future as since the inception of Southern Rail Models we have been extremely grateful for the support of our loyal customers. 

We feel it timely to offer you, our customer, an opportunity to join the Southern Spirit Club Car and be rewarded for your support on a long term basis

The club offers the opportunity to purchase your Southern Rail models at a discounted price from your peers and also offers a range of models only available to members.

You will also be rewarded with our very own merchandise, only available to our club members.  Please see the three levels of membership on offer. I look forward to you joining our Southern Spirit Club Car and the opportunities offered to our very valuable customers.


What do you really get?

With each membership level you are entitled to a5% discount on any purchase whether the model is on a pre-delivery price. list price, promotional price or clearance price

Here’s an example:

 Say you opt for the Bronze membership, cost is $75.00. You receive $65.00 worth of merchandise so you need to make up a total of $10.00 from a purchase. On a purchase of an NDHF concrete sleeper wagon on promotion at $195.00, take an extra 5% off = to $9.75. You’re going to be well and truly in front on your next purchase.

The cost of a Broze membership for the 2nd & subsequent years is just $25.00

Another example

Purchase a Gold membership for $150.00. You receive $110.00 worth of merchandise so you need to make up $40.00. Purchase an Xplorer set for $585.00 less your 5% discount and you save $29.25. Add to that the purchase of an exclusive L class available to Gold & Platinum members only and receive a special price of $260.00, a saving of $65.00 + the $29.95 = a saving of $94.95, way in front of the $40.00 to make up.

The cost of a Gold membership for the 2nd & subsequent years is $50.00 whilst there is no further cost for a Platinum membersship over the five years

The same example can be used for the platinum membership where you receive a $50.00 allowance up front on your membership and if you purchase one of the Members only offers each year over the five years (and there will be more than one per year ) you will be in front each year

Of course, these examples are subjective and open to criticism by the sceptics. And if you don’t purchase anything then you shouldn’t have joined in the first place. At the end of the day, it’s up to you if you want to join the Southern Spirit Club Car, as is the membership level you might enjoy. Naturally, as members of an exclusive club, we want you to wear the merchandise to exhibitions where if you do turn up at an exhibition wearing Southern Spirit clobber we will give you a little something for free ( limit 2 per year ).




2014 – 2015 members Only Exclusive Offer


L268 in the Westrail Blue / White / Orange Experimental Livery (1984 – 1993)

Will be the first of several Southern Spirit Club Car exclusive models available to Gold & Platinum members only


It is a Limited Edition model with the number limited to and determined by those members who pre order.

Members price $260.00 / with sound $$348.00




The August issue of AMRM contains the long awaited review of Queensland VAK / VGk Coal & Wheat Hoppers




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