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20th July, 2013 – Xplorer & Endeavours


We have been made aware of an issue that may be effecting your model and require correction.

ONLY if your model runs in the wrong direction to what is indicated on your controller, it means that the wires have been connected the wrong way   i.e. the polarity is incorrect and will require an adjustment.

  1. In DC the corrections are illustrated below.
    1. Remove the body as instructed in the manual
    2. On the power car – BOARD RD-EN01 swap the ORANGE  wire to M- & the & GREY wire to M+
    3. On the lighting circuit BOARD RD-EN04 at the front of the unit, swap the WHITE wire to 21 & the YELLOW wire to 23 so that the headlights match the direction of travel
    4. On the DUMMY DRIVER CAR – repeat the procedure as in ‘C’ above to reverse the lighting, swapping the WHITE & YELLOW wires.
    5. No adjustments are required on the trailer or middle  cars


  1. In DCC this is not such an issue as it only requires you to reverse  your forward & reverse functions on your controller





Some clients have advised that that their models are not as free rolling as they would like and experiencing some difficulty in a 4 car composition on an incline. This may be caused by the electrical pickup wipers exerting just a little too much tension against the axle pick up point.

The suggestions to improving the free running are twofold and apply only to the trailer car & dummy driver car

  1. In the first instance – Apply a tiny amount of Loco Lube where the axle & wheel meet. This should substantially decrease resistance.
  2. As a second step – if there is continued resistance or even in conjunction with point “a”, the following suggestions have been made by Rob  & Craig Winterbottom  (Thanks guys)

i.      Insert a flat bladed screwdriver at either end of the bogie under the little clip that holds the bogie side frame to the bogie body. Once the end is free, gently lever the bogie side frame off

ii.      Remove the wheels and set aside taking note of which side the plastic bush is on. Run a tissue around the wheel to ensure a clean surface.

iii.      Note how the contact wipers spring out when you remove the axles, a sign of too much tension. Place a hobby knife with a flat blade down in between the contact wiper and the bogie and slide it up against the main body of the contact just to give you something to bend against. With a small screwdriver at the tip of the contact gently flex the contact back until there is only slight tension on the wheel

iv.      When satisfied, wipe the contact over with  a tissue, replace the wheels, press the bogie side frames back & the adjustment is complete


Re Fitting Decoders


The Xplorers & Endeavours have provision for fitting a 21 pin decoder. This provision is protected with a clip over cover piece of circuit board sometimes referred to as a dummy decoder. Any attempt to force fit a decoder through the pin holes on this piece of board could cause your decoder to explode and cause damage to the model.  This will not be accepted as a warranty issue & in fact will void your warranty issue all together.