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27th May, 2103 – Xplorers – Stanchions – Fuel Depot


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We are pleased to advise that our Xplorer / Endeavour DMU sets have been shipped.

We expect to commence distributing the models the first week June. However due to the high volume of pre orders and waiting for clients to finalise their account, delivery may take 3 or 4 weeks. Please be patient whilst we work through the order list – first paid order in, first order out etc.

During the distribution process, the Epping Exhibition will be on over the long weekend and even though we will not have finished distributing all our orders we will be making a number of sets available for sale at the Exhibition. No sets will be available for pick up at the Exhibition

Whilst this is not our normal policy, and may distress a number of clients we are of the belief that most of our customers will understand that the opportunity to launch the models at an exhibition is too important to miss – particularly for a small company like Southern Rail and we therefore ask your indulgence & understanding with this situation.

Thank you for your support and we wish you plenty of enjoyment with your models

NSW Overhead Stanchions.

The Stanchions have arrived and will be distributed this week.

These are absolutely fabulous for any modeller wishing to recreate an authentic electric layout and very suitable for running our “Simply the Best “ (sorry Terry) U Boats and the coming electric models from other suppliers.

We are delighted to extend the below promotions until the end of June 2013. Note the free postage on oders of 10 packs or more


Generic Fuel Depot

Painted samples of the Fuel Depot arrived just prior to the Brisbane Exhibition. The primary purpose of the samples was to test the packaging. Unfortunately this was not successful as both samples failed dismally.

Fortunately the Southern Rail Queensland Team worked through Friday night and were able to put the many pieces together to present a perfect sample to the Brisbane Show audience on Saturday (Thank you Team).

This could be viewed as a negative but we don’t see it that way. What it has done is to facilitate a closer look at the entire structure including the packaging & the overall presentation of the model. Working closely with the supply company the model will now come in 5 separate sections + comprehensive decal sheet.

  1. Base board or footprint
  2. Vertical storage tanks
  3. Horizontal storage tanks
  4. Distribution Shed
  5. Fuelling Stage

This will enable our customers to use the footprint we have designed or place the various components at the customer’s discretion. Each section will now come in its own box within the main box which will also be contained in a shipping box.

We conceed that there is no piping with this model. This was deliberate for three reasons

  1. The cost was prohibitive
  2. There are piping kits available (so I am told)
  3. In many depots the piping, virtually from trackside was all underground

As previously advised, the models are in production with all components made & painted. Assembly has commenced and we have signed off on the new packaging subject to one more drop test. We have a new expected shipping date of 24th June. Later than we wanted but that’s the joy of this business. We just want to get it right.

QR – ‘ALY’ Steel Louvered Vans

Production is well underway and we expect that the models will ship around the middle of June. We are extremely happy with the quality of the model with only one change to the production samples sent for the Brisbane Exhibition. The model features sliding doors, detailed floor interior, genuine Kadee couplers to the correct gauge height and all underbody parts. See our last blog for details of our coupler fittings for the correct height for each gauge.

There are only 400 HO 16.5mm available so be quick with your orders. There will also be a few sets & I mean a few, available at Toowoomba Exhibition of packs 1 & 2

The pre delivery price for the ALY’s will continue until 30th June




OLO – Tank Wagons

These are some of the correct prototype photos used in our research of the QR ‘OLO” tank wagons and should not be confused with the Defence Force NTAF’s which have 6” welded under frames.


These prototypes found their way to Queensland from various places including WA. They are all ex NSW ‘NTAF” rail tank wagons and are similar to Southern Rail’s currently available Tulloch 10,000 gallon Rail Tank Cars having 9” riveted underframes, but with two or three round domes. The Southern Rail model features correctly modelled and individually applied roll over straps, stainless steel walkways, correctly fitting type 29 bogies and wheel sets and couplers.

Worth waiting for – you bet




Southern Rail Models will be represented by Phil Hadley, Glenn Wright and Barry Spencer from PGC Scale Models & Black Diamond Models. Call in and have a chat to the boys. They will be happy to advise you on any of the Southern Rail models currently available, current projects and future models.



Brisbane Model Train Show

Brisbane Model Train show was an interesting exhibition and exceeded our sales expectations. It was great to catch up with our many clients and friends and receive so much support and encouragement from Queensland & some interstate modelers to continue producing top quality, innovative models of Queensland prototype. With the help of our wonderful team of friends & researches, Southern Rail will continue to strive to be the best RTR supplier of Queensland prtotype models.

The venue itself had some good features and some not so good features. The organizing during the event was first class with the help from all the AMRA guys. So from this point of view, Southern Rail extends our congratulations and best wishes to Rusty Smith and his team & wish the best for next year’s organizers in fine tuning the event.