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28th January 2014 – DIDYUSAVEAGOODWEGEND? Happy Australia Day

28TH January 2014  DIDYUSORAVEAGOODWEGEND / Happy Australia Day

Two samples of decoration files created for the release of the VICTORIAN/SA rail tank cars.

The number of TAMPO printing plates per wagon for the extensive type of decoration Southern Rail requires for its highly detailed models varies from 7 to around 20 depending on how many plates are duplicated between models. In the case of the two illustrated above, there are 63 Tampo Printing Plates making the decoration on these models the most expensive SR has undertaken.

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Project Updates

Victorian/ SA Rail Tank Cars

We were due to ship the first batch of Victorian / SA Rail Tank Cars from China on the 23rd January, the last day before our factories closed for Chinees New Year. However due to a combination of the factory being behind schedule and my having some forced leave, we missed the plane.

Whilst I can’t provide a definite schedule until after the factory returns, the preliminary photo below shows they are getting on with the job.

 Again our apologies for the delay. We do try very hard to keep projects on time.


In our first run of NSW Rail Tank Cars there were 5 variations of the oblong dome with elbow safety valve to capture the 7 decades of their operation. In this production run there are 4 versions ( 3 dome oblong w/elbow sv, 3 dome round, 2 dome round & single dome round but a total of 11 variations.

Our web site has been updated to fully illustrate the versions available.

At the same time, we have added previously unannounced 3 car set VSA 14 & single car VSA 15 to correctly represent the Victorian 2 dome  Rail Tank Cars of 1975 – 1980 era with metal walkways, anti slip paintwork etc.

These do not & will not appear on our order form.

The first twenty customers to place an order can purchase the 3 car set, VSA14 @ $189.00 set & VSA 15, single Car @ $63.00 + postage


Ampol / Freight Australia / Atlantic

As previously advised, these will follow on directly behind the VIC/SA tank cars, so whatever delay we incur with that production run will have a flow on effect to the Ampol /FA/ Atlantic production run and to the QLD OLO/OVO’s.


PRX / PRY –  NPRY / NPRF Cement Hoppers

The tooling schedule has been postponed until after Chinese New Year We will advise a more realistic delivery schedule as soon as possible



The Vlocities are coming along nicely although it appears that we have misunderstood the factories scheduling. According to the factory, tooling will commence directly after CNY and we should see the tooling samples for Hobson’s Bay with shipping of production in July in time for Caulfield.



We will be attending the following Exhibitions:

Forestville – Sydney 1st – 2nd March

Bundaberg – Qld – 22nd – 23rd March

Kaleen – ACT – 29th – 30th March

Hobson’s Bay – Melbourne – 19th – 21st April

Brisbane – Qld – 3rd – 4th May

Epping – Sydney – 7th – 9th June


Hope you have all had a great Australia Day Weekend


An Aussie Poem


They were funny looking buildings, that were once a way of life,
If you couldn’t sprint the distance, then you really were in strife.
They were nailed, they were wired, but were mostly falling down,
There was one in every yard, in every house, in every town.

They were given many names, some were even funny,
But to most of us, we knew them as the outhouse or the dunny.
I’ve seen some of them all gussied up, with painted doors and all,
But it really made no difference; they were just a port of call.

Now my old man would take a bet, he’d lay an even pound,
That you wouldn’t make the dunny with them turkeys hangin’ round.
They had so many uses, these buildings out the back,
You could even hide from mother, so you wouldn’t get the strap.

That’s why we had good cricketers, never mind the bumps,
We used the pathway for the wicket and the dunny door for stumps.
Now my old man would sit for hours, the smell would rot your socks,
He read the daily back to front in that good old thunderbox.

And if by chance that nature called sometime through the night,
You always sent the dog in first, for there was no flamin’ light.
And the dunny seemed to be the place where crawlies liked to hide,
But never ever showed themselves until you sat inside.

There was no such thing as Sorbent, no tissues there at all,
Just squares of well read newspaper, a hangin’ on the wall.
If you had some friendly neighbours, as neighbours sometimes are,
You could sit and chat to them, if you left the door ajar.

When suddenly you got the urge, and down the track you fled,
Then of course the magpies were there to peck you on your head.
Then the time there was a wet, the rain it never stopped,
If you had an urgent call, you ran between the drops.

The dunny man came once a week, to these buildings out the back,
And he would leave an extra can, if you left for him a zac.
For those of you who’ve no idea what I mean by a zac,
Then you’re too young to have ever had, a dunny out the back.