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29th June 2016 Vlocity Video/Couplers/Speed | Pre-Stocktake Sale!

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29th JUNE 2016


Regarding the Vlocity Couplers:

Apologies to all clients regarding the Vlocity couplers.

Because we upgraded the electronics and the coupler connection in the 2nd round Vlocitys we forgot to take into account that the 1st run couplers had 2 sets of wires soldered together so using only 6 out of the 8 pins as against the 2nd run which uses all 8 pins. Unfortunately, electronics is not my forte even though I am the son of an electrician and I did not allow for the fact that the PCB would also be redesigned. Regrettably, none of the excess couplers that we ordered will therefore be suitable for use on round 1 Vlocitys.

Also unknown to us is the fact that the assembly of the couplers has been changed adding to the inconvenience. Also inconveniently, none of the individual 2nd round “Escape” coaches will match with any of the 1st round sets. Apologies for this.

We have ordered another batch of couplers with the same make up as the 1st round, but with the better fitting. They should be here within 4 weeks.

Vlocity Speed

One of our second-run V/Locity sets running on Bob Richardson’s fantastic layout:


Due to some enquiries regarding our second run Vlocities running slow, both Southern Rail and our factory carried out exhaustive tests to determine if there was a problem. Our final test was carried out on a scale 1km track with a two car Endeavour set:


The Endeavour 2 car set was measured at a scale speed of 180kph. The 2nd run Vlocity driver car (only) was measured at a scale speed of 240kph, but as a three car set, its speed was scaled at 150kph which is the maximum speed we advised the factory the prototype ran at. The true maximum speed I have been advised is of course 160kph with A1 wheels!!!

Many users may be used to running their models at speeds higher than scale speed but the Vlocity sets are set for the correct maximum speed. Additional speed may be created by easing the pick-ups on the non-power cars slightly.



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