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6th June, 2013 – Xplorer & Endeavour Update / Epping Exhibition



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Just a quick BLOG to advise that distribution of the Xplorers & Endeavours has commenced.

Unfortunately it is not without its hiccups. We have discovered a number of issues which we have been working through quickly to resolve.

These include:

  1. All the Xplorers have been sent with the Broken Hill coupler cover and consequently no Scharfebberg Couplers.
  • An emergence quantity of couplers will arrive tomorrow
  • The bulk will arrive next week
  1. The Instruction Manual has not been printed as we requested with the inside exploded drawings too small for me to read. These are being reprinted in Australia as I write this and will be available in quantity next week
  2. Both the single car box & two car boxes have been printed incorrectly due to a comedy of errors (you can hear me laughing or is that crying). New stick on labels will also be available next week to ensure that they are presented correctly
  3. Whilst on the boxes, two models have arrived with the wrong description labels. Again stick on correction labels are being printed here in Australia & will be available next week.
  4. The Broken Hill set middle car has been pad printed with the wrong car number (my fault). We have had decals made in Australia for all those that wish to replace the incorrect number ( if you can read it)
  5. Finally, some of the CAR ID letters have been pad printed incorrectly on the Xplorers and again we will have replacement decals available next week for inclusion in the boxes for all those that want to be correct. Again we continue to model the prototype!!!!!!

Whilst these are small issues in themselves, collectively it means a lot of work for the distribution team to ensure that the finished product you receive is up to our expectations and yours when delivered.

Again we ask your patience during the distribution period and it will take some weeks to complete the task. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

Also as a result, the office will be closed from Friday 15th until Monday 1st July. I will not be taking phone calls nor answering emails during this time.

On the upside, all the models in all the liveries look absolutely fabulous and run very smoothly..

This weekend Southern Rail will be attending the Epping Model Railway Exhibition at Thornleigh. Hope to see you there as we will have lots of new things to sell and show.

Over the past few months we have slowly been working on our web site. Whilst not quite completed in regards to the “Products” page, the new look site should go live tomorrow some time. Check it out and let us know what you think

Best wishes