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We’ve Updated Our Southern Spirit Club Car!

Dear Customers,

When we first contemplated the Southern Spirit Club Car it was always about rewarding our loyal and regular customers for their support. This is still the concept we are following. At start-up, it is always difficult to see the full effect of something new like the SSCC and we anticipated after the first year that some refinement would be required particularly to the operating mechanics of the Club.

During the past twelve months there has been some criticism on social media of the Club by a small minority of people that just couldn’t understand the concept and the benefits that a loyal customer, would secure. 

We knew that the Club was not for everybody and joining was and will always be a free choice.             

At the same time it was perhaps unfortunate that another supplier decided to release a version of an “L” class whilst again another supplier also decided to make the series 1 FX wagons in their production which took away some of the exclusivity of our own FX limited edition, although two of the three models are still exclusive to Southern Rail.  The high nose Bicentennary Version was dismissed by some as being irrelevant as it wasn’t around for long.

Having considered all of these issues in our review, including the many clients that said they would like to purchase an L268 in experimental colour scheme from us, we concluded that some very simple changes were required that would satisfy all of our present loyal customers, potential customers and off course, our own wish to be the best Southern Rail can be for all stake holders. This includes removing the restriction on the Southern Spirit Limited Edition models being avalable to just members whilst retaining that special 20% off price for our loyal Club members. 

The changes have basically a neutral effect on current Platinum membership although new Platinum membership will increase in price by $75.00 effective from when this hits our web site. For Gold membership, it adds much more substanial long-term value over the Bronze membership whilst an opportunity is created for loyal customers who don’t require the merchandise to sign up for Bronze membership.

Updated Southern Spirit Club Car Membership details:

What are the real benifts to a loyal customer for any of the membership opportunities?

Based on currently available models, a basic benefit example of a loyal customer spending of $1500.00 per annum could reflect a benefit or return on membership investment ranging from 50% to 247%. Not to shabby.

I do hope that we have both your understanding and support for these changes. We continue to thank all our Southern Spirit Club Car members for your custom and your loyalty, and we will continue to look after you with future new models, offering our Southern Spirit Club Car members a special deal.

Please feel free to contact me on any aspect of the Club.