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  • Ready to Run
  • Highly Detailed Bodies, Underframe & Chassis
  • Injected Moulded Bodywork
  • Etched Stainless Steel Or Timber Walkways
  • Period Detailing
  • Spoked & Solid 33″ Wheels
  • Original & Roller Bearing Bogies
  • Factory Painted & Decorated
  • Genuine Kadee Couplers


LIST PRICE $215.00


ATLANTIC CARS 73, 79 & 85

These cars were part of a large group of over 30 tank cars built from 1936 for the Atlantic Union Oil by Tullochs the Sydney heavy engineering firm. The design utilized the standard 45′ x 9″ riveted underframe used for over 300 tank cars. These cars were unique from other similar Tulloch built 10,000 gallon cars with their higher domes placed closer to the mounting straps, prominent hand rails, and large Atlantic sign on a backing frame and of course, were built with buffers. The Atlantic Co later became Esso.


This group of cars was owned and operated by Caltex. They were decorated in 1997 in the bright Ampol blue, red & grey livery. The cars were previously operated by companies merged with Caltex – Ampol & Golden Fleece – and cars acquired from CSR. Thus, several had the elongated dome with elbow safety valves or were the standard three dome type with modifications and central discharge pipes all having the standard 45′ x 9″ riveted underframe. There were several variations to the paint work depending on the contractors interpretation of the requirements.


The Freight Australia Block Fuel Train is mainly made up of two dome (a group of 42 cars) and some three dome cars (a group of 7) owned by the “Shell” Company. Both types were constructed on the standard 45′ x 9″ riveted underframe by Tulloch’s Heavy Engineering. Both types have unique characteristics; the three dome version having lower sitting domes whilst the two dome version has a centre inspection point. Freight Australia was formed in 1999 as “Freight Victoria” to purchase the Victorian Governments “V/Line Freight” division. The company changed its name to Freight Australia in March 2000 as it sought contracts outside of Victoria with the introduction of the “open competition policies” securing a contract to transport fuel on behalf of Shell Australia Ltd from Sandown terminal in Sydney to county centres such as Tamworth, Dubbo & Canberra.

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