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NSW PRX/PRY – NPRY/NPRF Cement Hoppers


  • Ready to Run
  • Highly Detailed Bodies, Underframes & Chasis
    • 4 Different Versions
      • Series 1 #12061 – 12160 with 2CL Bogies
      • Series 1 #12061 – 12160 with 2CM Bogies
      • Series 2 #18201 – 18225 with 2CM Bogies
      • Series 3 #82030 – 82059 with 2CM Bogies
  • Injected Moulded Bodywork
  • Etched Stainless Steel Walkways and Ladders
  • Separately Applied Metal Parts
  • Period Detailing 1978 – 2014
  • Blackened Nickel Silver Turned Solid Wheels
  • Genuine Kadee 159 Scale Couplers
  • Factory Painted & Decorated

Prototype Information

These cement carrying hoppers were built over three series between 1978 & 1987. The first contract for 100 wagons was built between 1979 & 1980 by Mittagong Engineering and was numbered 12061 – 12160. They featured 2CL bogies and were changed at a later stage to 2cm bogies. They differ from subsequent contracts due to the end bulkheads plates being constructed taller whilst the side supporting plates were inclined to the centre at a greater angle than subsequent contracts. This distinguishes the series from subsequent series as the holding cylinder sits higher, changing the profile of the wagon from the following series.

The second contract for 25 wagons was also awarded to Mittagong Engineering and built in 1981, numbered 18201 – 18225.

The third contract was awarded to Comeng and the wagons, numbering 82030 – 82059, were built in 1987. There are only small variations between series 2 and 3.

The first series entered service coded PRX, changing to NPRY in 1979. The second series was coded PRY and changed to NPRY subsequently. The third series was coded NPRF.

The hoppers were constructed in aluminium featuring a single cell ‘tear drop’ cylinder, allowing the contents to be air discharged through a central discharge point. Series 1 & 2 had the chassis ends and underbody equipment painted PTC teal with the PTC two-tone blue L7 logo on a white background with gun metal grey bogies. Series 3 featured the chassis ends and underbody equipment painted in SRA red. SRA red & yellow logo on a white background with gun metal grey bogies.

With the formation of Freight Rail / Freightcorp in 1994, some hoppers were painted with white bodies, the lower edge of the body/chassis and underbody equipment painted freightcorp blue with the short lived Freight Rail logo quickly changing to the Freightcorp logo. Some wagons now have Pacific National markings on their side edge.

Southern Rail’s models cover all three versions

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