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Queensland’s OLO/OVO Tank Cars

HO Scale 12mm and 16.5mm Gauges


  • Ready to Run
  • 6 Different Versions
  • Highly Detailed Bodies, Underframes
  • Injected Moulded Bodywork
  • Stainless Steel Etched Walkways & Platforms
  • Separately Applied Metal Parts
  • Factory Painted & 9 Decorations for Multiple Eras 1970 – 2006
  • Genuine Kadee 58 Whisker Couplers
  • Blackened Spoked & Solid Metal Wheels RP25-100
  • Unique Coupler Height Adjuster Skip for HO & HOn3½

Prototype Information

The Southern Rail Model represents the 45′ x 9″ riveted underframe versions constructed by Tulloch, & Goodwins. The first recorded to arrive in Queensland were a series of three dome round offset tank cars transferred by Mobil Oil Australian in 1970. Ampol also sent a variety of waggons to Queensland in 1991 which were repainted in the standard QLD grey scheme with Ampol markings. Both companies ceased transporting fuel product and the waggons were eventually sold to Queensland Rail in 1996. They were subsequently used by Shell who gained a large contract to supply fuel products to Mt Isa from the terminal in Townsville. OLO 44255 is still operational today whilst most were scrapped in 2010.

Southern Rail has also presented these models as thy operated in NSW prior to being sent to Queensland with their NTAF coding and with their historical ownership by Total, Ampol and Mobil and Mobil’s predecessor, the Vacuum Oil Coy representing periods from the 1950’s to 1970.

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