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VIC / SA – VSA Rail Tank Cars


  • Ready to Run
  • Highly Detailed Bodies, Underframes & Chasis
    • 11 Different Versions
    • 29 Different Decorations
  • Injected Moulded Bodywork
  • Etched Stainless Steel Walkways & Platforms Where Appropriate
    • Seperately Applied Metal Parts
  • Period Detailing 1954 – 2011
  • Operating Buffers Where Applicable
  • Spoked & Solid 33″ Wheels & Bogies as Applicable
  • Factory Painted & Decorated
  • Genuine Kadee Couplers
  • Blackened Metal Wheels – RP25-100 Wheels


CARS 401 – 411

This group of tank cars was built by Clyde Engineering for Commonwealth Oil Refinert (C.O.R) later BP in 1954 & 1955 for use in Victoria. The design was the same as the NSW Tulloch 10,000 tank cars using the standard 45′ x 9″ riveted underframe. They were of two dome – two compartment & single dome – single compartment construction. Coded TW and TWF, the two dome cars were later coded VTQY from 1980 & then the VTQF code from around 1987 onwards, whilst the single dome cars No’s 407 – 411 were converted to bitumen cars from 1979 & carried the VTBA code.

CARS 706 – 711

This group of 6 cars were also built for C.O.R, later BP between 1938 & 1952. Originally used in NSW they were later transferred to South Australia in the late 70’s and subsequently to Victoria in 1992. They were Tulloch built also, using the standard 45′ x 9″ riveted underframe. Cars 707, 709 – 711 have three domes whilst cars 706 & 708 have the elongated dome with elbow safety valves. NSW versions of the elbow tank cars have previously been advertised by Southern Rail. The feature of the Victorian versions is the addition of the shunter’s steps & hand rail whilst retaining the NSW handbrake system.

 CAR ATSF 4534

This car is the three dome tank car converted from three compartments to a single compartment. Also constructed on the standard 45′ x 9″ riveted underframe in 1962, this wagon was built for the Purr Pull petroleum company which was later aquired by Golden Fleece, which was subsequently aquired by Caltex. The ATSF coding represents laster day use of this tank car in South Australia by ANR.

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